Smile - Invent - Build - Care - Empower - Give - Evolve

Hi, I’m Ron
Welcome :)

I like inventing new things, building stuff (and growing companies), investing in great people with big ideas who thrive by getting things done (well, and fast) and who care a lot. I love giving back and teaching/learning particularly at Stanford. And I also enjoy writing and speaking about topics that really matter (both fun and serious ones.)

When I build and run companies
When I write or speak about the more serious matters I focus on
And when I speak and write about the lighter stuff I focus on
I love inventing, especially when the solutions I create can solve hairy audacious human challenges and have the potential to help millions of people everywhere:
My not-for-profit initiatives bring people together and/or help people live healthier happier lives and are always free for all :)
Sometimes I buy companies when they have great tech and/or great people AND when it’s faster and easier to buy than build (but honestly, building is always more fun!)
I’ve traveled in 85 countries on 6 continents, and I’m still on track to fulfilling my lifelong goal of visiting all the countries around the world and doing good for people who live in them. Feel free to ask me about my moon-expedition plans!
I grow fruit trees, tropical plants, and flowers (yes, I was able to successfully grow banana trees in Silicon Valley and coconuts in Miami ;) alongside iguanas, stingrays and dolphins; I love hosting at home especially with/for friends and family and serving deliciously healthy and fun chows!); I enjoy running on the beach and working out every day (LMK if you’d like to join :)) and needless to say, I’m a bit of a health nut… And finally, I’m still looking for a new pup!
…and if you’d still like to learn more about me, you can find more details on the Ron Gutman YouTube channel, Ron Gutman FestiHealth page or just text or email me at & +1 (786) -220-0870.